swiss composers

Original compositions for guitar quartet are a rare thing. A deplorable fact which the Eos Guitar Quartet is certainly prepared to remedy. With the support of Pro Helvetia and other cultural institutions compositions are commissioned to Swiss composers; in order to break down the barriers between the different music styles, also to jazz musicians.

  • George Gruntz *1932
    No Xod! A Rap (1997) Musik über F. Dürrenmatts Havel-Rede
  • Vinz Vonlanthen *1959
    Phare 29° 44" (2000)
  • Daniel Schnyder *1961
    Guitar Quartet (1992)
  • Martin Schlumpf *1947
    Sommerbogen (1992)
  • Jacques Demierre *1954
    Retrato de A.P. (1997)
  • Christoph Baumann *1954
    Sekunden, Quarten und andere Sehenswürdigkeiten (2001)