david sautter

david sautter

David Sautter grew up in Zurich. After completing his school-leaving exam, he studied at the Zurich Conservatory under Walter Feybli and then at the Basel Music Academy under Oscar Ghiglia. He graduated with the Soloists Diploma. He furthered his training at various master classes given by Manuel Barrueco, among others.

David Sautter works as a guitarist, arranger and composer and performs as a solo artist and as a chamber musician. He teamed up with his wife, the singer Letizia Fiorenza, to form the duo "I Cantimbanchi" in 1987, specializing in tracking down and interpreting Southern Italian folk songs. They have recorded three CDs (all brought out by Zytglogge Verlag). David Sautter and Letizia Fiorenza were awarded a one-year scholarship to study at the Swiss Institute in Rome in 1990.

They undertook the "David's Caramel" project in 1998/99, comprising songs composed by David Sautter with Italian lyrics by Letizia Fiorenza (CD brought out on the Zytglogge Verlag label). The duo are  touring as "Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter" in addition with a program of songs for the family entitled "Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindschöpf" (Adelheid or Songs for Kids and Silly People).


2000 “Goldigs Chrönli” (Golden Crown) for the children’s production “Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindskopf”.

2003 Culture award from the City of Uster for “must”.

2004 Grant from the “Cassinelli-Vogel-Stiftung” for his “long-time artistic c commitment to the folk music of southern Italy”.

2009 The Eos Guitar Quartet gets the award for culture by the town of Uster.

programms with I Cantimbanchi (other website)

CD’s with I Cantimbanchi: Lu gulìo (1987), Scherzo, amore e malinconica (1989), Cantimbanchi 3 (1995), Cantimbanchi 1+2 (2001), Imagine del cuor (2005), La Sant’ Allegrezza (2007), Metamorfosi (2012)
Other CD’s by Letizia Fiorenza and David Sautter: David's Caramel: estraneità (1997), Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindschöpf (2000)

David Sautter
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David Sautter